5 Pin Bowling (Oshawa)

5 Pin Bowling is offered in Oshawa beginning in September. Cost is $15.00 + additional (weekly) lane fees. Bowling shoes must be worn and are available for rental from the bowling alley. Athletes aged 13+ are welcome to enroll in the Oshawa program. Note that the facility that 5-Pin bowling in Oshawa uses is fully accessible.

Teams have been set for the 2019-2020 season and program capacity has been reached. Only enrollment of registered athletes as a spare is possible at this time; play depends an attendance of regular bowlers so there is no guarantee that you will play on any particular week when enrolled as a spare.

Oshawa 5-Pin winter bowling has ended for the season.

Program: Durham Strikers

Date & Time: Sept 4, 2019 - May 6PM to 9PM

Location: NEB's Fun World, 1300 Wilson Rd N, Oshawa