Duties and Responsibilities

● Attend all Council meetings.  

● Record and transcribe all minutes of Community Council and Executive meetings. 

● Distribute minutes and other relevant information as required to the Council members in  advance of each meeting. 

● Forward a copy of all approved minutes to the Provincial Staff Representative. 

● Maintain files of minutes, correspondence etc., on the community’s behalf. 

● Book meeting rooms and arrange for refreshments if necessary. 

● Correspond with Community volunteers, the Provincial office and others as required on  behalf of the community 

● Responsible for checking GDSO email once  per week and forward questions/inquiries/information to appropriate Council members  

● Act as one of the signing authorities within the Community.  

● Upon vacating the position all files etc. must be passed on to the new secretary. 

● Review and be familiar with sections 1,3,6,13 and 18 on the S.O.O. information portal.  

● Maintain the Special Olympics e-mail address that is provided to you if applicable.